Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Last modified: April 08, 2020

What is ExpertSource Pro?

We created ExpertSource Pro to enable Lumina and its clients to access qualified freelance professionals. The system is comprised of detailed profiles that showcase a freelancers’ skills, experiences, and achievements in an easy-to-use interface. ExpertSource Pro also offers the opportunity to link to our online Wallet to facilitate fast and secure payments for work completed.

Why should I create a profile?

The creation of a profile is designed to make your skill set more searchable by both Lumina and its clients—in other words we want to be able to find candidates like you more easily! Going forward, Lumina will hire exclusively through the system, so it’s very important that you have a profile. Lumina and our clients can access this secure database at any time to connect directly with you for projects.

How does ESPro keep my information private and secure?

ESPro uses a combination of encryption, technical safeguards, and highly trained staff to protect your data.  Our security measures include encrypted and hashed passwords, automated security scans of the system, an extensive internal security awareness program and training for employees, and a variety of other key measures.

Do I need to use a specific browser in order to register?

While Google Chrome is recommended, you can register using whichever browser you prefer.

How do I register for an account? Does it cost anything?

Registration is free and easy. Simply click the REGISTRATION link and populate all required fields.

What fields are required?

Required fields are marked with *. It’s important to fill in each of these fields to the best of your ability. The more accurate and comprehensive your profile, the more likely you are to be approached with projects that are a good fit for your background and experience. Some fields, such as the Writing Sample and Résumé Upload, are optional, but recommended.

What should I include in the Writing Sample, and what is it used for?

The writing sample can be any of your previous (professional) writing work—it could be a CV, emails, or any written content you’ve created for any reason. You do not need to author something new to complete this field, and it’s OK if you’re not a professional writer. This is because the writing sample is not reviewed in the traditional sense. Rather, it is run through a third-party analysis tool that provides personality metrics. Lumina completes ongoing studies on how these measures potentially impact the likelihood of successful project completion.

Who will see my contact information?

Your name, email address, state, and country will be visible to Lumina and client users. Your street address will be visible only to accounts payable personnel for invoice processing.

Why do I have to provide a target hourly rate in USD?

We require the population of a target hourly rate so that we can compare freelancer rates in a consistent manner. This does not mean that you won’t at times be offered more or less than the rate you provide, or that you won’t be offered rates in alternate units (e.g., per page or as a flat fee).

What if I only want to work for certain clients?

All of Lumina’s current clients are provided in the Clients list dropdown. Simply select the ones with whom you would like to work. (Many of these clients’ projects will be offered directly by Lumina staff, though at times, the company may contact you directly.)

What does the predictive testing include?

Lumina presents freelancers with two types of predictive testing, both of which are optional:

  • ART (Abstract Reasoning Test)/Workforce Preferences: This predictive test is offered to freelancers upon profile creation; it is currently optional, though we strongly encourage you to complete it, as many hiring managers consider the results when making their assignment decisions. This multiple-choice test assesses critical-thinking abilities and workforce preferences. This test will be presented only AFTER successful profile creation—you will be presented with an opportunity to complete it upon your next successful login.
    Note: There are two versions of this test—the “full”/longer version, which yields more accurate results, and the “shorter”/brief version, which can be taken if you prefer to spend no more than 25 minutes completing the test. Which version of the test (if any) you opt to take is your decision.
  • Writing Sample: The writing sample connects via API to Findability, returning key personality scores (e.g., flexibility, cautiousness) that may help us decide which projects are best suited for you based on these results. Any types of professional writing can be used for this sample – the content itself can vary and does not need to be specific to this work. You can include writing samples from multiple emails, cover letters, etc., so long as they have been written by you.

What types of Skill-based testing is available?

The site offers a variety of tests to establish your qualifications for specific tasks/skills (e.g., copyediting, assessment writing). As with the predictive testing, these certification modules are not required. However, persons who have completed (and passed) any skill-specific tests may appear to be stronger candidates to hiring managers.

Are the tests optional or mandatory?

Though we strongly encourage you to complete both the predictive testing and any skill-based testing that is relevant to the types of work for which you’d like to be considered, neither is required.

How will I be assigned projects?

Anyone interested in hiring you will reach out to you via email with specific details about the scope of work and the budget, at which time you can accept, decline, or negotiate. Once you’ve come to an agreement, the hirer will assign the project to you within the system. You will receive an email notification when this is done.

Does the system provide a list of open jobs that I can express interest in?

As of April 2020, the system does not provide a list of open projects for you to express your interest in. However, this is a planned feature for spring/summer 2020.

Will my work be rated, and if so, how?

It is our intention to gather ratings for as much work as is possible, so that we can help build an accurate history of your work performance.

As each project is completed, your supervisor will rate your work in three key areas (overall quality, schedule compliance, and project communication), with a grade of 1 (poor), 2 (as expected/requested), or 3 (exceptional).

When hiring managers search for your skill set, they will see your overall and project-specific ratings. People with hiring ratings are likely to be assigned more work in the future.

What if I don’t agree with my project rating?

You can submit a once-per-project request for feedback via the system. Instructions are provided in the Freelancer Manual (accessible under the Help button). Upon receipt of your request, your project performance will be assessed, and you will be notified as to whether your ratings can be revised vs. should be retained as originally submitted (and why).

What kinds of rates can I expect to be paid?

There are no “standard” rates that apply. Rates will vary depending on specific project needs. Compensation currency will vary, based on what you’ve been offered/worked out with your hiring manager on a project-specific basis.

How do I get paid for my work?

The system includes access to an online wallet—when payment is approved, it is delivered to your wallet. You can then cash out your payment via direct deposit. See the Freelancer Manual (accessible under the Help button) for additional details on how to set up your wallet and cash out payments.

How long does it take for my payment to be approved?

You can expect to receive payment in your online wallet within 30 days. Once you cash out your funds, they will appear in your bank account within a few days (the actual number of days may vary depending on your institution).

For all technical issues, please email . Please include screenshots of any error messages (if possible), along with details on the error itself, along with the browser you are using.